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When an organisation goes to the trouble of articulating its VISION, MISSION and STRATEGIC objectives, it is a major issue if the organisation does not follow through, by  provisioning INITIATIVES and PROJECTS, to enable STRATEGIC objectives to move forward.

So if you are a reviewer (for example an auditor) why not check out whether the Board and Senior Management are able to recognise high-priority, high-value activities (strategic initiatives and projects) as being necessary for the proper development of organisational strategy; and then check that the Board and Senior Management ensure that resources (money, people and time) flow to those activities?

If there is no additional resourcing for new strategic initiatives or projects or if it is assumed that resources can be stolen from other activities then there is a high risk that the strategic initiative won’t get off the ground, and this in turn might mean that the strategic objective will be stalled.

Resources don’t materialise out of thin air!